A Post International Women’s Day Rant of Sorts

Girls are told time and time again to be pretty and refined. To be quiet, but laugh at a guy’s jokes. To smile with perfect teeth and laugh in a girly manner. 

We are given impossible standards that result in low self esteem and a bad culture between women themselves.

I hate that when I see a girl, I automatically case her out and pick out her flaws or the things about her that make me insecure. It’s a horrible conditioning that a combination of media outlets have led to. 


We are pitted against each other through the justification of ‘slut shaming’ and the constant battle to be skinnier or prettier than someone else. 

(Slut shaming is the concept of condoning guys calling girls sluts — whilst labeling their friends legends for the same behavior — by ridiculing or looking down upon fellow females for what they wear or how they act, particularly in respect to their sexuality). 

A friend of mine recently told me that she was in a heated discussion with some guys about International Women’s Day. The guys saw it as unnecessary and ridiculous to even have a day for women in society. I mean, if women had a day, why shouldn’t men? 

Because women have been systematically oppressed throughout history, continuing to this day (as evident in the wage gap and through significant court cases regarding rape, abortion and women’s rights). 

That’s why we need International Women’s Day.

Because women should celebrate the women before us who have paved the way for the stable footing we have now. 

That’s why we need International Women’s Day.

Because feminism is now a dirty word that people don’t want to be associated with. The idea of standing up for women is now embarrassing, apparently. 

That’s why we need International Women’s Day.

More and more, an aspect of males in society have felt that they have the power to dictate what is and isn’t attractive in girls. 

As if we live to impress prepubescent boys with egos the size of their chipmunk-y head. 

Take this for example:

That’s why we need International Women’s Day. 

Because no guy should be able to tell us what we should be doing.

We don’t have to live in strict guidelines, because we don’t live for the sole purpose of impressing guys.

That’s why we need International Women’s Day.

We need more girls like this, and more freedom in society to highlight the ridiculousness of someone telling us how to be attractive:

Girls, always remember:



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