A Day in the Life of a Relatively Boring Teenager

My blog is still taking form, as I am, and as such I’m still throwing a bunch of different styles of posts into this higgilty piggilty thing.

It has been all doom and gloom and all things important on my blog the last couple of weeks, so I thought that I would show you that I can actually take away the teen angst and passion and just have a good time. It is essentially the majority of my activities as I stumble and bumble my way through life.

My day started at 6am. I would like to remind you that today is a Saturday.

I pity myself.

I coach an under 9s boys basketball team which is about as fun as it sounds. I didn’t take any photos of that because I was too busy pulling my hair out. It is really rewarding as an experience but coaching boys at that age is really just herding crazy cats, and is usually about as much fun as my last dentist appointment.

The boys are on quite a winning streak which I am proud of them for. Somehow they do this despite my erratic coaching and short attention span.

My little sister was still a bundle of energy when we returned home so I took her for a walk to practice her basketball skills. In case you aren’t noticing a pattern, I’m really only good for two things: babysitting and basketball. And I’m not too good at either.

(Excuse me a moment, just putting that little gem in my CV. That is going to get me bundles of jobs).


Mmm, just look at those moves. I got that basket in by the way. You will just have to take my word on it…


This is the face of true concentration.

Or constipation.

They are usually one and the same.


This is how real players play basketball. Don’t question it. No – uh – no – stop. I said don’t question it.


Basketball skill training quickly gave way to hopscotch, which is just as important in my books.


We found a bunch of playground equipment, so this is what ensued:


PicMonkey Collage.jpg










PicMonkey Cfollage.jpg

My athletic skills did not necessarily meet those of my sister…

After this lovely little morning adventure, I went home and watched a lot of the old Office episodes because I’m living life to the fullest and I definitely DO NOT procrastinate studying. At all. Ever. Nope. Not me. You’ve got the wrong guy.

My lovely friend from down the road came and picked me up in her (cute/adorable) new car and we went to the gorgeous Yelo cafe on the beach which is gorgeous. I had a lovely, fresh smoothie and healthy banana bread that I smothered in butter to cancel out the healthy aspects.

Later, we made our way back to her house in the cold weather where we had a grand old time and I played with her rabbit, who I find equally adorable and terrifying.

(I have a strong fear that the rabbit will suddenly plunge its teeth into my cheek).



(Look at the fear in my eyes).


(I am hoping that none of you have foot fetishes).

I finished the day with a dinner at a Chinese restaurant with the family, which I wore this to:

IMG_6651 IMG_6650


My style is somewhere between Hippie-Chic and I-Don’t-Give-a-Shit. It’s leaning more and more towards the latter.

There really is no purpose to this post except to show you that I do sometimes do things in life other than moan about things on a blog.

I also moan about things in real life.

Also, I forget the vast majority of my life so doing something like this may be helpful. Thus, you may see this a little more often.




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