A Day in the Life of a Relatively Boring Teenager

My blog is still taking form, as I am, and as such I’m still throwing a bunch of different styles of posts into this higgilty piggilty thing.

It has been all doom and gloom and all things important on my blog the last couple of weeks, so I thought that I would show you that I can actually take away the teen angst and passion and just have a good time. It is essentially the majority of my activities as I stumble and bumble my way through life.

My day started at 6am. I would like to remind you that today is a Saturday.

I pity myself.

I coach an under 9s boys basketball team which is about as fun as it sounds. I didn’t take any photos of that because I was too busy pulling my hair out. It is really rewarding as an experience but coaching boys at that age is really just herding crazy cats, and is usually about as much fun as my last dentist appointment.

The boys are on quite a winning streak which I am proud of them for. Somehow they do this despite my erratic coaching and short attention span.

My little sister was still a bundle of energy when we returned home so I took her for a walk to practice her basketball skills. In case you aren’t noticing a pattern, I’m really only good for two things: babysitting and basketball. And I’m not too good at either.

(Excuse me a moment, just putting that little gem in my CV. That is going to get me bundles of jobs).


Mmm, just look at those moves. I got that basket in by the way. You will just have to take my word on it…


This is the face of true concentration.

Or constipation.

They are usually one and the same.


This is how real players play basketball. Don’t question it. No – uh – no – stop. I said don’t question it.


Basketball skill training quickly gave way to hopscotch, which is just as important in my books.


We found a bunch of playground equipment, so this is what ensued:


PicMonkey Collage.jpg










PicMonkey Cfollage.jpg

My athletic skills did not necessarily meet those of my sister…

After this lovely little morning adventure, I went home and watched a lot of the old Office episodes because I’m living life to the fullest and I definitely DO NOT procrastinate studying. At all. Ever. Nope. Not me. You’ve got the wrong guy.

My lovely friend from down the road came and picked me up in her (cute/adorable) new car and we went to the gorgeous Yelo cafe on the beach which is gorgeous. I had a lovely, fresh smoothie and healthy banana bread that I smothered in butter to cancel out the healthy aspects.

Later, we made our way back to her house in the cold weather where we had a grand old time and I played with her rabbit, who I find equally adorable and terrifying.

(I have a strong fear that the rabbit will suddenly plunge its teeth into my cheek).



(Look at the fear in my eyes).


(I am hoping that none of you have foot fetishes).

I finished the day with a dinner at a Chinese restaurant with the family, which I wore this to:

IMG_6651 IMG_6650


My style is somewhere between Hippie-Chic and I-Don’t-Give-a-Shit. It’s leaning more and more towards the latter.

There really is no purpose to this post except to show you that I do sometimes do things in life other than moan about things on a blog.

I also moan about things in real life.

Also, I forget the vast majority of my life so doing something like this may be helpful. Thus, you may see this a little more often.



New Years, Not So New Beginnings

Beginning a New Year always calls for changes. It has become ingrained in our society to make drastic changes to oneself and the world we live in as soon as it hits January 1st. It’s an annual day of hastily scribbling out resolutions whilst nibbling on the leftover Christmas ham and pondering whether it may actually have gone a little yucky after six days crammed in next to some suspicious green stuff in the back of your fridge.

Gym memberships spike, vegetables finally see the light of day and people  throw themselves into things that had decidedly fallen through the cracks in the past year. Things like daily bathing and answering at least a few of your relatives’ many phone calls rather than screening all of them.

Whilst I agree with trying to make improvements and giving new things a try, I disagree with the concept of ‘starting afresh’. I didn’t have a particularly good 2013, but I still grew and changed gradually, but surely, into the person sitting at this computer in their Elmo onesie now (ah, how far I have come).

I learnt how to actually open up to people rather than just putting up a happy, friendly facade. I found out that I, like onions and Shrek, have layers.

I came back to writing with fresh eyes after abandoning it for so long.

I met people who truly inspire me and learnt things about myself and them that I will cherish forever. I was given advice that I will never forget.

I finished school and now have the freedom to work towards my dream of traveling the world and never looking back.

So although the year as a whole can be tied up in a nice little bow and filed under the ‘sort of crappy’ column, I wouldn’t want to start fresh.

New Years’ Resolutions are made and abandoned quicker than people put weight on at Christmastime, which is saying something. They act as a nice little pillow of solace for people to rely on in the scary beginning of a new year.

Personally I always say I’m going to go to the gym more in the New Year (as I munch on chocolate and watch romcoms). At least I can say that I did that in 2013 – I sat inside a sauna at a gym one time in March and it was as much as I’d ventured into that scary, testosterone and motivation filled place in my entire life. Never again, I tell you. Never again.

Side note: what even are saunas? I thought you went in with your gym clothes and took a nice old relaxing sleep, but instead you burn in the fires of hell next to some barely-clothed old ladies cocooned safely in their own wrinkles. 

I want 2014 to be not a year started afresh, but a year where I build upon my own strengths and learn from my weaknesses to expand my horizons.

I don’t want to let myself get caught up in the ever so tempting New Years’ revolution lies (revolies? Lievolutions? I’ll work on it…). I think that I made progress personally in the last few months of last year and that is what I want to continue to build on.

I’ve set a One Year Bucket List for myself so that even if I look back on this year without being able to say I loved it, I can at least say that I accomplished things during it.

Goodbye and so long, 2013, you old dog. There were highs and lows, school  meltdowns and pleasant surprises. Hopefully you were the staggered start for 2014; a year of happier and crazier times.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.


P.S. This is my One Year Bucket List – I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

Be able to run 15km without stopping… much.

Reach 500 subscribers on my blog, and not have all of them be relatives of mine.

Reach 200 subscribers on my YouTube.

Skydive (preferably without splatting on the ground)

Get my license to forever avoid awkward train rides home with smelly old men.

Complete my first year of university.

Save $8000 for travel and don’t accidentally spend it all on books and clothes.

Learn how to cook without killing people. Or, learn how to cook people.

Write a novel. Don’t accidentally just re-write the Walking Dead. We’ve been through this.

Act in a play.

Get a better job (GOODBYE FAST FOOD!)

Catch a fish (from the ocean, not a store)

Sleep on the beach.

Wake up before 10am every morning without wanting to murder people.

Fill up my whole Polaroid drawer (without too many selfies)

Learn to meditate. Possibly become the Dalai Lama.

Write at least two blog posts every week.

Learn to knit. Infiltrate the elderly.

Put up at least one video every week.

Go on a road trip (avoid Wolf Creek).

Go camping (avoid crocodiles).

Go to a drive-in movie theatre.

Dye my hair purple and cut it shorter.

Get a Pen Pal.

Become a vegetarian/eat less meat (bacon doesn’t count. Obviously.)

Milk a cow (with its permission)

Swim with dolphins.

Donate blood.

Sleep under the stars.

Go paint balling and don’t just hide behind rocks. Or other people.

Visit my hometown, see if its dealt with my absence.

Lose weight by eating healthy and doing more exercise than walking from the fridge to my computer.

Dive with whale sharks.

Go to Penguin Island. See cute penguins.

True Happiness, And Where to Find It

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I think being in a world where we are encouraged to just want more and more, we can forget what truly brings happiness.

Today, I bought the computer that I have been saving up for with all my hard earned KFC (don’t ask) dish jockey money. Whenever I have been bored or frustrated or even sad recently, I’ve looked to this purchase like a kind of salve. I think that’s the kind of behaviour that has become the norm in such a consumerism-driven society.

But despite the great effort that went into saving for this computer, it was seeing my puppy so happy when he went for a walk and met other dogs that made me happiest today.

I think in life it’s frighteningly easy to forget to cherish the simple things. Yes, a computer can deliver me new episodes of my guilty pleasure chick-flick shows and I can watch ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ to my heart’s content, but it can’t warm my heart like watching a badly trained, nutso dog spin in circles because he’s too excited to pick a direction.

Nearing the end of this year, I’m looking for new resolutions to begin 2014 positively. Usually I say less chocolate and more exercise, then recede back to my room to binge on any sweet stuff I could steal from the dinner table. (To effectively picture this, visualise Gollum with the ring. Now replace Gollum with me, and the ring with a donut. Pure bliss.) 

This year, I’ve decided not to make fake promises to appease myself. Instead of helping me, these resolutions usually allow me to convince myself that it’s okay to gorge during December because I’ll work it all off in January! Needless to say, it never happens. February rolls around and I decide, ‘Screw it, may as well live terribly this year and work it off next year!’ I’m worried that as I get older it will become more of a ‘Next decade..’ kind of thing. 

This year I want to focus on the future by not mapping it out with unrealistic goals, but by letting go of the past. 

I have so many silly preconceptions and even sillier grudges against people that I would be so much freer without. 

I don’t want to be one of those people who falls back on the past in order to avoid the future. I’m EXCITED for the future. I want to greet it without being weighed down by baggage. Lord knows I have enough baggage that even if the airport loses a couple of the bags, I’ll have enough to last me a lifetime. 

To avoid letting this become one of my many failed resolutions, (we all have them, don’t you look at me with those judgey eyes… how’s that gym membership? That’s what I thought…) I’ve decided not to leave it to January.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cON3qGI6NTI < This video is what inspired me.

I don’t want to go back to the ‘way that we were’. Instead, I want to forge a NEW way. 

That is why I am going to have two separate events with my family and friends, respectively. I am going to invite them to burn their worries and their hang ups and just generally anything holding them back. I have gone for the cliche route and named them ‘Burning the Way for the Future.’

With my family, we have all had our own trials and tribulations this year, and as a family we have seen different obstacles in our way along the road. These are the kind of things I want not to forget, but to move on from.

With my friends, we have all gone through periods of struggling within ourselves and with each other as we have all grown and changed at different spaces to become our own people through the hardships of the end of high school. I don’t want to greet 2014 with a heavy heart of regret or anger.

I want to start fresh. 

And so I am not waiting for January to bring a magical cure and suddenly have the best year of my life… instead I am going to take action in December and ignite the past, leaving a blazing trail for a hopefully exciting future.

P.S. Just so you can understand why the simple task of taking my puppy for a walk made me so happy, have a look at him:


His little limbs were going 100km/hr!